We have created an online application form. Before applying, please read over these guidelines.
  • Our goal is to ensure that as many students as possible will benefit from these extracurricular activities. Please keep this in mind when planning an event. Group events are preferred, but individual events will be considered based upon circumstances and the type of activity.
  • Please talk to your Regional Representative before applying and ask for clarification and to confirm your region has funds available. Regional Representatives

  • Grant funds must remain under the management and control of the PAC that receives them. Funds cannot be used for, or transferred to, curricular purposes or to schools or school districts, or any of their activities or programs.

PAC funding may only be used within BC and is intended to benefit students by enhancing their extracurricular opportunities.

Items and activities which will be supported:

Last year a number of activities were supported: Sports days, field trips to Science World, Barkerville, theatre productions, etc.
The following extra-curricular activities are what grant funds may be used for:

  • Student publications (group based): newsletters, yearbooks etc.

  • HCOS Student Societies and clubs (group based): ie. drama clubs, book clubs, choir, Lego club, music club, rocketry, chess etc. A summary of the costs must be provided in your application (ie. prizes, guest speakers, supplies).

  • Student conferences or educational field trips within BC (group based): Entry fees for conferences, museums, cultural events, science centers etc.

  • Equipment for extracurricular activities (group based) such as Lego robotics, sports days, track & field. Please note that any equipment purchased becomes the property of the PAC and must be stored at a Teacher/Parent home when not in use. Use is ONLY allowed when an online request is applied for and approved through the PAC process. (Amounts $200 maximum; over $200 will be considered on a case by case scenario).

  • Music activities (group based): attending musicals, concerts, theatrical productions, etc.

  • Educational seminars for students (individual/ group based ): one day duration limit (ongoing lessons are not acceptable)

  • Scholarships and bursaries for post-secondary education. Please refer to the Scholarship/Bursary application.

Items that would NOT meet Criteria (not an exhaustive list):

  • Cash or gift card prizes
  • Sports equipment, musical instruments, or any item on an individual basis – all items must be part of a Group Activity
  • Sport league fees or Recreational centre fees on an individual basis
  • Lessons for art, music, sports etc. on an individual or group basis
  • Transportation to attend an event, sports or activity

The PAC does not pay for fees up front. To receive reimbursement, the appropriate form must be filled out and original receipts must be attached and sent to the Treasurer. Each group should have a coordinator who organizes the payment of fees and distributes the reimbursement.

Please apply here:

Application Form

Please use this reimbursement form when submitting receipts: